Most Popular Engagement Ring Trends for Bride in 2021

Most Popular Engagement Ring Trends For Bride In 2021

By: William Brown

Out of all the emotions, true love is the purest emotion. It is the only emotion that lives on, generation after generation; it exists beyond this plane of space and time. And what is a better way to celebrate your love with your partner than engaging! Getting engaged with your partner is an unforgettable event in your life. It is a promise you are making to stay together, whatever may come.

Engagement Ring Trends 2021 for Bride

If you want your engagement to be just perfect, you need to have the perfect engagement ring for the ceremony. If you wish to make your bride-to-be happy, the perfect ring is a must.
engagement ring trends 2021

Here, you will find some of the Highest Trending and Most Popular Engagement Ring Styles:

  1. Personalized Rings- Love is a personal affair between you and your bride-to-be. Why not bring that personal touch to the ring as well? An engagement ring with an inside joke or a secret will light up your partner's face with unadulterated happiness.
  2. Classics- Classics are never out of fashion. You can go through hundreds of designs, but the signature look of traditionally shaped gems is still hard to beat. What's more is they are now coming with a new trendy touch, so that you can get the best of both worlds.
  3. Small Side Stones- Rings with multiple diamonds were already rising, but the attention is now on the smaller diamonds and other gemstones. They make the engagement ring more regal and offer more designs.
  4. Emeralds- People think of engagement rings and immediately run to diamonds. It is a popular choice, but the emerald stone is giving it a tough competition. However, the unique color and look can set the engagement ring aside from the crowd.
  5. Unconventional Stones and Metals- If you are looking at emeralds for an engagement ring, you can explore more options in the gem as well as ring metal. Stones like ruby, amethyst, citrine, etc., bring a pop to the ceremony. As for the ring metal, gold is the top choice, but metals like platinum, titanium, silver, etc., not only look good but may even bring the budget down and look as beautiful as gold.
These are some of the trending engagement ring styles of 2021. If you want to bring a memory to the engagement ceremony, go for a personalized ring. If you prefer a more traditional look, classic rings work best. You can go for a side diamonds ring for more diamonds at the same price and if you want to add more colors to your wedding, go for emerald and other gemstones with different metals.

You can sit with an engagement ring designer to design a ring ideal for you and your bride. You can also get 'him and her' engagement rings if you want a matching set of rings. In the end, it is your engagement ceremony - a celebration of your love. All that matters is finding what makes you and your bride happy.