How Do I Choose an Eternity Wedding Ring for My Girlfriend?

How Do I Choose An Eternity Wedding Ring For My Girlfriend?

By: William Brown


If you have decided to ask the "question" to your love and take your relationship to the next level. Then, you want this day to be just perfect in all aspects, from amazing location to decorations and of course an amazing ring. The ring is actually going to be the highlight of the day, so the pressure increases, even more, to buy the best ring for someone special.

If you have decided to purchase an eternity ring for her then you should know that she will love it because eternity rings are the epitome of beauty and elegance.

How to Get Just the Right Eternity Wedding Ring for Her?

The diamond eternity rings are the masters of all the other rings, these rings have diamonds surrounding them in an endless circle, which symbolizes infinite love.  They make a meaningful gift that you can give her to win her heart all over again.

Eternity engagement rings go by many names such as - eternity ring, eternity band, infinity ring, celebration ring, diamond wedding ring, and full diamond band.

The Selection Process

Giving her a Diamond eternity band and the ring is a great way to show your never-ending love for her. The style and design you choose should depend on the preferences of the person you are gifting the ring to, and one thing to remember is that buying a diamond eternity ring is a little bit more difficult than engagement ring shopping.
Diamond Eternity Wedding Rings

Here are some things that you should consider while buying an eternity wedding ring for your girlfriend:

Eternity Rings' Cost

The first thing you should do is set a price range for your eternity engagement ring purchase. The price depends on the choices your girlfriend will make on diamond size, diamond quality, and metal. You can choose between a full eternity ring or Half Eternity Ring or  ETERNITY ¾ Eternity Ring.

When you go purchasing an eternity wedding ring for your girlfriend you will get three options, select the one you know your girlfriend will like the most.
  • Full eternity rings are those that have a continuous and unbroken circle of diamonds.
  • Half eternity rings have designs where the diamonds go only halfway around the finger.
  • A three-quarters eternity ring has diamonds ¾ of the way around the finger.
Choose carefully and make sure you are selecting the diamond eternity ring based on your girlfriend's preferences and don't forget to confirm the ring size because the ring size of an eternity ring can't be adjusted again.
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If you have a low or limited budget then it is best to choose the half or ¾ ETERNITY RING because fewer diamonds means the price range will be lowered so you can afford to buy a high-quality diamond wedding ring easily.

Which Eternity Ring Style is the Best?

There are so many options for eternity ring styles, you need to know what kind of designs your girlfriend likes the most and buy something similar or identical to that.

The most common one is the pave eternity ring setting, you can also buy the split prong eternity ring setting that has four separate bases of diamonds. Wherever you decide to buy, make sure the diamonds are secure and will stay in a place by lightly tapping on each stone to check whether it moves from its original place or not.