How to Choose a Diamond Pendant?

How To Choose A Diamond Pendant?

By: William Brown

You can keep a diamond solitaire pendant for any major occasion like a wedding, birthday, or anniversary. The following guide is all about the tips to choose a diamond solitaire pendant. Before we bump into the tips, let us understand what a diamond pendant is.

About Diamond Pendant

It is a necklace that consists of a diamond in the centre fixed with a small loop to a jewellery chain that is intended with either platinum or gold. ‘Pendant’ is derived from the Latin word “pedere,” which means “to hand down.” The diamond pendant necklaces usually symbolize love and attraction.

About Solitaire Pendant

A solitaire pendant is a necklace having a single gemstone. This gemstone is generally a diamond. It stands alone on a chain that is made up of either platinum, white gold, or yellow gold.
Diamond solitaire pendant

Things to See In a Diamond Pendant

When it is regarding the selection of a diamond pendant, you must ensure to go for a quality, well-cut stone. A gemstone having a great level of fire and brilliance will shine more than a poorly cut jewel.

If You are Looking for Pendants, You Must Stick to These Parameters to Check A Diamond:

Diamond Cut

A well-cut diamond maximizes the light that hits every pavilion, replicating it back through the diamond’s table and crest to your eye.


You must prefer a diamond that has an AGS or GIA certificate. These are the most trustworthy grading bodies that can assist in ensuring you get the best quality.

Since pendants are worn straight in the line of sight, clarity is a very crucial factor to consider. You must check the diamond vigilantly and ensure that there aren’t any stains or insertions when you see the gem with naked eyes.


It is important to make sure that the gem seems white with regard to its setting. You can visit online to see the best offers on classic diamond pendant.


The shape of the diamond you decide on can be either round, heart-shaped, or oval. It all depends on your choice. Round diamond is yet the most common and eternal shape for a pendant.
Halo Diamond Pendant

What Can Be the Expected Cost of A Diamond Solitaire Necklace?

The cost of a diamond solitaire necklace differs depending on the number of diamonds it has the quality of the cut, the kind of setting, and the carat weight of the diamond. A halo diamond pendant may cost around 2500$ to 3000$. A three-stone diamond pendant may cost around 6000$ to 6500$.

When Should You Prefer Purchasing Diamond Pendants?

Diamond pendants can be a perfect gift for someone you love the most. Due to their appealing look, and stunning design, these jewellery pieces are usually kept as family valuables. You can consider buying diamond pendants for her for any of the following events:
  1. Valentine’s Day
  2. Job Promotion
  3. Birthday
  4. Wedding Anniversary
  5. Christmas
  6. Retirement
  7. Graduation (high school or college)
Summing Us:

Diamond solitaire pendants can be one of the memorable gifts for your beloved. However, before making a purchase of these jewellery pieces, you need to consider many important factors. These include diamond cut, colour, shape, clarity, and certification. Reach out to the most reputed jeweler who can guarantee you the best quality.