Marriage Proposal Ideas during Covid-19

Marriage Proposal Ideas During Covid-19

By: William Brown

In March 2020, the life of every person in the world changed. It was then when Covid-19 crossed the boundaries and went international. Everyone was locked in their homes, in quarantine. It also became a hurdle for people who were about to propose to their lover for marriage. Since we have grown up watching romcoms and TV shows, we have high expectations from something as significant as a marriage proposal.

Romantic Proposal Ideas during Covid Pandemic

You may be one of those who planned a proposal like Chandler and Monica or Harry and Sally but could not execute it on time. Here's the thing, though - the Pandemic can keep you inside, but not your love.
romantic proposal ideas during quarantine

In this article, you will find some Marriage Proposal Ideas during CoViD-19. These ideas are Romantic, simple, and, most of all, safe.

  1. Online Proposal- Just like most businesses shifted to the online mode, relationships also continued online. You can contact your friends and families and organize an online meeting to propose to your partner in front of them. It is a fun way to announce your engagement as well.
  2. Surprise in Quarantine- If you and your partner are in quarantine together, nothing could be better than that. It opens so many opportunities to surprise them with a proposal. For instance, they can be coming for breakfast from the room and find you, on one knee and with a ring. These are the best kind of surprises.
  3. Improvisation- It is possible that the idea of proposing occurred to you during the lockdown. At that time, the jewellery shops were not open. That puts you in a dilemma. Luckily, you can improvise here. Choose an O-ring cereal or their favourite snack and get down on your knee. It may not look perfect, but it will convey the same feeling and become a thing to remember.
  4. Slideshow- Nothing takes you down memory lane like a slideshow. You can make a slideshow of all your happy moments together and, in the end, ask the big question. It will surely fill their eyes with tears of happiness and life with joy.
There are more proposal ideas in the lockdown, but these are the most unique and highlighted. The marriage proposal ideas in lockdown might not be as glamorous as you see in the movies, but they are better somehow. It brings out your creative and hopeless romantic side who cannot wait to show their love to their partner.

Wedding Proposal Ideas at Home

You can do it either on a video call or catch them off-guard to surprise or improvise if you lack a ring or do something as simple and sweet as a slideshow. It is entirely up to how you want to ask them to marry you. Movies or TV shows can give your ideas, but you cannot implement all of them. Sometimes, situations - like this pandemic - can be out of your control, and you may need to improvise. If you don't get a chance to propose in Monica and Chandler's style, the proposal style of Jim and Pam is equally romantic.